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Sunday, December 10, 2006

God Jul Allesammans! (Merry Christmas Everybody!) This is a fun picture of me and the roommates getting ready for Christmas time. You can see our gingerbread house at the end of the table and everyone is enjoying a piping hot glass of glogg which is mulled wine with almonds and raisins. Yum! Pictures from left to right is Charlie (Swedish), Lisa (Swedish), Katerina (Swedish), Goofball (U,S, and A), Bruno (french), Jenny (Swedish), Angelica (Swedish), and Peter (English). It took nearly all afternoon to bake saffron buns and gingerbread for cookies and the house but it was well worth it for the camaraderie...and the great food. This country may make me fat. Check out the pictures!

I have one examination left before my Christmas break begins. Unfortunately most of my friends are heading home at some point during the next week so I will have a few solitary days before the twenty second when Mom, Dad, and Kristina arrive. My plan is to get a good book that I've always wanted to read, a hot cup of tea, and a nice window seat in a cafe...when there is light. Today the sun went down at about two in the afternoon, but there are only ten days left until the winter solstice.

I'm also going to head to IKEA after Tuesday and get some Christmas lights to lighten the room up a bit. Hopefully the temperature will stay where it has been for the last three weeks so that I can keep riding my bike around town. I did pretty well when it snowed at the beginning of November, but I'm a little worried about the months between January and April. I've actually noticed that my thighs are bigger due to the fact that my bike has only two gears and the wind here tends to always blow in the opposite direction I am trying to ride.

Last week Duncan and I began writing a musical to chronicle our time here in Sweden. We've got several options for titles, my favorite being "I love the smell of Europe in the morning!" We've got a few ideas for songs chronicling a few adventures we've had here thus far including our boat trip to Finland and a crazy evening in Stockholm that shall remain vague for several reasons. (ha ha, nervous laughter...) Anyway, hope everything is going well with folks at home. Be sure to hug those closest to you in the next few weeks, you never know when they'll move to Sweden and miss hugs.


  • Hiya, bud:

    I'm actually writing this to you from Grampa Pete's desk in the Swedish Heritage Center. They have a new computer with a digital connection and it's great!
    We attended the Santa Lucia celebration tonight in Stanton and it was fun. I heard and saw things I haven't been part of for 35 years. All the kids had costumes and Grampa even suckered me into singing "Skona Maj" with the group. There were some young kids singing and that was fun.

    Will send photos.

    Love ya...see ya soon.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:04 AM  

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