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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well, I've just returned from a trip to Helsinki with Duncan, Ryan, and Mike. We had a great time on the "ferry" and Helsinki is a very beautiful city. Come to think of it we spent more time on the ship in transit between Sweden and Finland than we did in Finland. But that wasn't really a problem due to the fact that it was basically a cruise ship with a club, several restaurants, duty free store, and a latvian acrobatics show (Duncan and I went twice). We did however not spring for the deluxe cabin on the same level as the casino and instead were in the bowels of the ship under both car decks in the very bow of the ship. Duncan felt that it was important to note that if the ship hit anything we would be the first to die.

We arrived in Helsinki at ten in the morning and spent about six hours running around looking at all kinds of things. I kept the streak up of nearly being hit by a tram, so that makes Goteburg, Amsterdam, and Helsinki. I need to make sure that the next city I visit doesn't have them. We visited several churches as well as a very impressive monument to a Russian emperor which we couldn't figure out why it was still there since the Finns don't really care for the Russians. We also hit the Helsinki historical museum which had a really neat exhibit on maps and cartography. For a few pictures from the trip click here!

Sitting here I find myself swaying a bit. Hopefully that will go away in the next few hours. I don't see any big plans on the horizon to speak of yet but I'm sure something will come up. The roads are now all clear of snow which means that it is supposed to snow this weekend, but I'm staying optimistic! At least now we have a sled and not trays from McDonalds.


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